Friday, August 19, 2011

Um, how about no?

There are so many things wrong with this story that I don't even know where to start.

This woman, who can't work due to her weight and needs to ride a scooter through the grocery store to gather up the 20k calorie a day menu she eats, wants to reach 1 ton in weight. Since she can't work I'm guessing the taxpayers are funding both her groceries and her current and future medical care necessitated by this "lifestyle choice".

I am overweight myself, and while it is a daily struggle to lose weight I certainly do not desire to gain more. While self acceptance is important, the fact that her physicians do not think she has mental problems is astonishing to me. This is not normal behavior, and while it is not harmful to others if she wants to engage in it she should certainly not be subsidized in doing so.

I saw another story recently where there was a man on government assistance who lived in a crib like an infant, and his girlfriend was paid to be his caretaker. He threatened to kill himself if he was removed from the dole. I wonder how many examples of this kind of thing you could find if you looked for them.


  1. This sounds really selfish to me. She has kids and she's ready to take the gamble and if she dies her sister is stuck with the kids. No mental problems my ass.

  2. What really bothers me is she has kids! Those kids are gonna grow up with out a mother! Why? Cause their mom wanted to eat herself to death! Holy fat cow!