Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Internet! Glorious glorious Internet!

I finally have an internet connection at home again!

Last Friday Qwest called me and told me I could save money by bundling my DSL and home phone. I told them OK, but mentioned I get my DSL line through Qwest but have a different ISP. They said, no problem, so I said sign me up.

Monday my internet quit working. I called my ISP and they said all was well with my account and said I should call Qwest and have them do a line check. Long story short, Qwest switched me to their ISP. I said no, don't want it. They say, can't bundle without us as your ISP. I asked them to put it back the way it was. They said OK, have it back by Wednesday. I said WTF? No matter, they said. I must wait.

Today, no internet. Call Qwest. They say order to switch was cancelled. I say WTF?!? They said, readded order. I ask when. They say Friday. I say I hope you all DIAF if it's not fixed today! They say sorry, you wait til Friday.

So this afternoon I set up Clear internet and phone over 4G. Cheaper than Qwest, so we'll see how it is. Canceling Qwest tomorrow.


  1. I honestly think some companies screw with you just because they're bored and have nothing better to do.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I'll never use qwest!

  3. i can't live without internet. im addicted!!

  4. ISPs are not known for their coolness or flexibility. They seem to think you'll be happy with some random credit that costs them nothing in return for gouging you for REAL money. Sure that'll make things better, why don't you pay me in little paper airplanes made from post-it notes while you're at it?