Monday, August 1, 2011

Men vs. Women

Men operate like a Hammer. Women are like tuning a carburetor.

Women should be thankful men are so easy to please in a relationship. I've never understood why a lot of ladies don't understand that. Honestly, it's like taking care of a baby to some extent. Are we hungry? If no, move on to Has he had a BJ/sex today? If no, remedy. If yes, has had a guys night out in the last couple weeks? If yes, then ask him what's wrong. That's pretty much it. You don't need a 500 page book or a magazine to solve this equation.

There may be a minority of men who fall outside these rules, but they probably need some time with a mental health professional.


  1. This could be viewed as sexist haha.

  2. Could be viewed as sexist yes, but in a lot of instances it could be considered a very apt description of males. What I agree with is the fact you don't need a 500 page book to understand males, where as conversely with females a 10,000 page multi-volume series would not be enough for men to understand women.

  3. lol, they call it sexist... but really its just real-talk.
    +follow your amazing blog